“You have to keep breaking your Heart until it opens.”
—            ~ Rumi (via kkdas)

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Her heart sank into her shoes as she realised at last how much she wanted him // F. Scott Fitzgerald.

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I feel like I’m subscribed to some gems on Youtube and I love sharing my findings, so favorite health/fitness/lifestyle youtube channels:

ali kamenova - creative, butt-kicking power interval yoga routines.

blogilates - pilates with a kick and healthy & fun recipes.



Yoga Master Post

For those that see all these cool yoga pictures online and are like, “I want to do that! But I have no idea where to even start,” this post is for you! This is a giant master post of yoga videos, guides, tutorials, tips and tricks for you to get started! Whether you’re doing yoga on your own at home, or plan on going to a studio, you can use this master post as a basic guide and reference.

For Beginner Yogis:

For Intermediate Yogis:

For Advanced Yogis:

For Everyone:

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